“The Mind Energy Body Transformation was the best choice I ever made to transform my life and my work!– LPC Therapist

What Graduates are Saying About the School (See Testimonials too)..

  • I now attract the clients I really want and my practice is more abundant than ever!
  • Carolyn taught me to use the “hardness” in life as a gift I can use to create the career, relationship and joy I have always wanted!
  • I can now use the energy of emotional pain and difficulty and transform it into power and chakrasabundance.
  • This evolutionary ALL-IN-ONE Mind, Energy and Body System for raising consciousness leaves nothing out so your saboteur can’t hurt you: mindfulness skills, trauma, brain re-patterning, hands-on energy healing and somatic body exercises/techniques!
  • I avoided burn out and better serve my clients because they get better quicker.
  • I learned the skills to self-regulate emotional upset back to spiritual wholeness.
  • Touch and no-touch energy techniques helped me embrace my “Next-Level” in somatic, trauma, and subtle energy tools.

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Transform Pain to Power!

Mom Logo Font Even Smaller“This journey through the certification program has been such a gift.  Each weekend has felt like a layer being pulled back to reveal more and more of who I really am.  Carolyn, I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for you and your work, and how it is helping me heal and evolve. I am already integrating what I am learning into my work with others, and also see the great healing the work is bringing to my clients.”- (Therapist working with teens)

This research and evidence informed training is not for everyone. It takes an awakened and courageous soul to look at the parts of their inner programming that hold ego and negative patterns.  This training is only for those advanced souls ready and willing to take responsibility for what they have created in their life. 

 Are you ready to move through the pain that challenge holds so you can shift the blocks in your way and successfully create your dreams into reality? 

You will be asked to name, own and claim when you are reacting from ego and negative defensive reactivity.  In this training you must be willing to acknowledge your personality parts that don’t serve your highest good.  You see, those parts do not reflect your highest good or your true self.

The training will help you learn to move out of the ego-based parts that hold negative reactivity patterns and instead live from your bigger-true self. I call the bigger spiritual wholeness, your Core Being.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn to become the light in the darkness of any challenge you face? So the emotional pain you feel can shift into a magical gift that serves your highest good?caterpillar-to-butterfly-2

Researchers claim that it takes 10,000 hours of practice combined with an expert coach to master any skill.  Carolyn Eberle, Founder of Mind Energy Body Transformation is the master coach you need to help you succeed. Her candid approach combined with her kindness and humanity is the recipe to grant you the skills so you can create a life of self-responsibility, wisdom, abundance and fun.

This All-In-One Integrative Mind, Energy, Body, Spirit Empowered Change Modality helps you connect to the smaller wounded parts that hold you back and transform them into your inner leader, healer and higher self.

This work is a bridge between healers/psychotherapists and meditators. Join us and learn how to become the light in the darkness of life’s overwhelm!

It includes the latest in mindfulness, brain neuro-biology, trauma/somatic bodywork, hands-on energy healing and subtle energy awareness.

What if I were to tell you there is a Secret Code you call follow so you can transform the pain in your life at the quantum level in such a profound manner that you stop the pain and get the career, relationship and joy you want?

Join our self-mastery Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification (Levels I through V), our weekend trainings, and Horse Initiated Psychotherapy (HIP) events.  You can also get personalized support through private sessions.

As you master this life-altering system, the
energy of trauma, emotional pain and life
challenge easily transforms into higher
consciousness, wisdom and a sense of
freedom that can deepen your ability to
appreciate the world around you.
It is time to Raise Your Consciousness so
life challenges become opportunities for
wisdom and growth.

1)Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification (Levels)
2)Private Sessions
3)Mind Energy Body Horse Initiated Psychotherapy
4)Awakening Group
5)On-line Trainings coming
6)Order our Meditation Videos
7) Buy Explorer’s Mind-A Map to Freedom by clicking the side bar.
It is workbook and guide combined and the curriculum for our Certification Program.

Learn to guide yourself and support others. Expand your gifts and skills to the next level.  As a result, you can better use subtle energies to transform the blocks that prevent success.  It is deep, it is profound and the results are amazing!

Yes, you can manifest the best career, relationships and life and help others along the way too! In both private sessions and our training programs you receive a daily discipline so negative experiences end because you cultivate wisdom and anchor deeper into wholeness. You and your clients discover a level of joy and ease once thought impossible.


Learn to rewire your body/brain’s neuro-network out of ego reactivity into Source. With 100 energetic, mindfulness, somatic, trauma techniques taught in this experiential training – you awaken deeper into your gifts & get the skills to better guide others. Learn the Self-Mastery of a Leader!

Energy is consciousness and is the physical medium that connects the mind with the body.

In Mind Energy Body Transformation, you experience ancient technologies of the sacred combined with modern advances in trauma work, brain neuro-biology, mindfulness, hands-on energy healing, and body-centered  psychotherapy.

“Carolyn taught me to find comfort by experiencing other realms of myself. I can now anchor into my Core Being and transform pain into light. As a result, my career advanced and I am happy in my relationships.” ~Hakomi Therapist and Barbara Brennan Grad.

Mind Energy Body Transformation was birthed through Founder, Carolyn Eberle, exploring the nature of consciousness while traveling the world and healing her own challenges.  Learn 5 key mindfulness skills to implement 5 transformation steps to create your best life. These are the ways we can server you.

I very much look forward to meeting you!  Warm Regards, Carolyn Bucey Eberle, LPC, Founder

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