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HEALING ARTS AND THERAPY: More than ten-years experience in private practice. Author, Public Speaker and Teacher of Mind Energy Body Transformation.


  • personal and spiritual growth,
  • stress, depression and anxiety disorders,
  • emotions creating physical disease,
  • relational dynamics,
  • grief and loss transitioning,
  • emotional/physical trauma recovery
  • emotional and sexual abuse recovery,
  • couples, groups and individuals, ,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • sexual aversion disorders,
  • cancer and other terminal illnesses

Workshops/Training Presenter on the following topics:

  • Group Process Mentor/Supervision Sessions
  • Learn 5 Mindfulness Skills to Implement 5-Steps to create your best life
  • Fundamentals of Barbara Brennan School Of Healing Weekend Workshops
  • Certification Program in Mind Energy Body Transformation
  • Three-Rings of Awareness – Shape Shifting our Emotional Realities toward Self-Mastery
  • Chronic Illness and Cancer Transformation
  • Couples Skills Development
  • Horse Initiated Psychotherapy Certification and private sessions
  • Trinity – Mind-Body Exercises for Physical and Emotional Healing

LOBBYING/FUNDRAISING/PUBLIC POLICY: Fifteen years experience working for national and international grassroots non-governmental organizations designing, implementing and developing policies and programs to improve the economic status of women and children. Technical skills include:

  • grassroots organizing
  • public speaking
  • policy development
  • proposal writing
  • technical assistance
  • fund raising
  • program implementation
  • research
  • writing
  • lobbying
  • campaign organizing
  • training


LPC-Licensed Professional Counselor 2008
MA, Counseling, Regis University, December 2003
Barbara Brennan School of Healing Teacher Training Program Graduate, 2003
Barbara Brennan School of Healing Graduate – 20001
Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado – CMT, Sept. 1998
Year Certification Program in Chi Kung Energy Healing; and Healing Touch- 1998
Meditation, Reiki II, Thai and Shiatsu Massage – Studied in Nepal and Thailand – 1994-1997
American University, Washington Semester on Foreign Relations, January – May 1983
University of Pittsburgh, Semester At Sea Program, August – December 1981
B.A., Purdue University, School of Humanities, 1983
Major: Political Science Minor: Journalism


  • Body Psychotherapy
  • Energy Healing: Reiki, Chi Kung, Healing Touch
  • Visualization and Meditation Techniques
  • Certified Bodyworker


Boulder Mental Health Department (2003-2004) Emergency Psychiatric Services Worker, Volunteer. Evaluating and supporting persons in severe crisis at hospital emergency rooms, jails, homes and mental health centers.
Healing Arts, Private Practice, Boulder, CO, (1996-present) 15 years in private practice in the healing arts – mind-body-energy healing, body psychotherapy, emotional bodywork, and energy healing.
Counseling Center, Boulder, CO, (2003-2004) Internship working with couples and adults.

Public Policy Consultancies (1991-1996)

The Asia Foundation, Nepal, 1996: Conducted $14,000 research project to determine inhibitors to women’s involvement in Nepal’s political process. Recommended solutions to overcome barriers. Over 80 in-depth interviews and focus group discussions conducted with successful women elected officials and low to moderate income rural women. Literature review. Produced final report.

UNICEF, Bangladesh, 1995: Produced an eight-page training and policy document on Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) to motivate governments, health workers and NGOs to campaign to reach an 80 percent world-wide ORT usage rate.

Adventist Relief Agency, Bangladesh, 1993:
ADRA operated five, integrated Women in Development (WID) programs in the northern part of Bangladesh. Program components included: education, health, dhai training, and income generating activities such as skills training, small business development and loan generation. Reviewed current activities and designed areas for expansion and improvement. Wrote a $800,000 proposal that included a detailed implementation plan for the next five-year operational period and specified areas for improvement and expansion. The proposal secured full funding for the project and has been successfully operating for the past four years.

Southport Institute for Policy Analysis, USA, 1991: Part of an evaluation team for SIPA to determine the effectiveness of the Family Support Act, a United States government funded program designed to reduce the number of women and children receiving welfare by providing them with education, health and training opportunities.

Capital Perspectives, USA, 1990): Writer/editor of national newsletter distributed to more than 1000 national and grassroots members so they can be apprised of the latest advances in literacy and job training research, policies, publications, conferences and program designs. Developed training materials for organization’s grassroots membership. Issue areas included: education, literacy training, welfare, child care and vocational and job training.

Coalition on Human Needs, Director of Field Operations, USA (1988-1991): The Coalition on Human Needs had 100 national members -such as The Children’s Defense Fund- and 2000 grassroots members. Provided technical assistance to national and grassroots membership so women and children are empowered overcome poverty. Lobbied the U.S. Congress and state legislators for better services for the poor. Issue areas focused on welfare reform, education, job training, health reform and the federal budget. Other major work responsibilities included the following activities:

  • Managing federal/state lobbying/advocacy efforts in the USA and developing grassroots campaigns to improve the economic status of women and children.
  • Coalition building and networking with other organizations. As a result of activities, three new state-based coalitions were formed to combat poverty.
  • Public speaking at conferences and training seminars.
  • On-site technical assistance to national, state and local policy makers, administrators, program operators and advocates. As a result of activities, local programs increased their operating budgets, implemented substantial improvements in service delivery to the poor and began advocating policy makers for improvements in education, job training, health and welfare polices.
  • Writing reports and manuals on women empowerment, job training and welfare programs.

70001 Training and Employment Institute, Government Relations Specialist, USA (1984-1988): Lobbying the U.S. Congress to legislate improved programs to empower the nation’s poor so they can get out of poverty. Also provided technical assistance to local programs.

Youth Policy Magazine, Editor (1983-1984): Editing, writing and researching bi-monthly youth policy magazine.


  • -Explorer’s Mind, A 500+ page map to self-mastery; curriculum for year’s certification program
  • –  Mind-Body Healing: various research papers and reports on: integrated mind-energy-body healing, body psychotherapy, and prenatal trauma. Available at:
  • – “Implementation Manual on the Carl D. Perkins Vocational Education Act”
  • – Fund Raising Guide: local grassroots organizations raise money for service activities to help the poor (100 pages);
  • – “State Coordination Guide Book” outlines all the major programs offered at the state and local levels to assist the poor in the United States (200 pages)
  • –  “Implementation Manual on The Family Support Act” (75 pages)
  • –  “Guide on How to Research and Monitor the JOBS program under the Family Support Act of 1988″ (200 pages).
  • –  “ORT Advocacy Manual”
  •  – “Nepal: Women In Politics”


Lived and Worked In Asia for 7.5 Years: Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia

Language:  Bangla – fair         Married  28 years         Two children ages 19 and 21

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