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Carolyn Eberle Photo

Carolyn Eberle LPC, Author, Speaker
Founder, Mind Energy Body School of Transformation

Carolyn Eberle, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor and integrative spiritual teacher, traveled the world studying meditation, body-centered psychotherapy, trauma and the brain, and energy healing.

She is author of Explorer’s Mind-The Map to Freedom and founded the Mind Energy Body School of Transformation that offers a sophisticated Certification Program so you master the skills to guide yourself and others to shift the consciousness of emotional pain, ego, trauma and life challenge and transform it into higher consciousness.  With this profound system of awakening higher consciousness, you manifest your best life, career and relationship.

She also teaches Horse Initiated Psychotherapy (HIP) where the healer horse helps awaken higher consciousness and deep healing in yourself and clients.

Although space is limited, for a lucky few, she supervises healers and therapists in her private practice and works with individuals, couples, and groups.

She is a teacher graduate of the Barbara Brennan Healing Science School (6 years); Reiki II, Chi Kung, Healing Touch, and has studied many body-centered psychotherapeutic modalities, exercise techniques and formal meditation studies.

Carolyn is a pioneer and innovator. Former D.C. policy advocate for the underprivileged, Carolyn has been researching and exploring the world of healing for over 30 years.



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