What is Presence…Really?

by Carolyn on April 13, 2014

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When a spiritual teacher told me true presence is being focused while washing dishes, I knew there was so much more! Carolyn EberleAlthough presence can included focus, an important question to ask yourself is, “Who is Doing the Focusing?”
For me, true presences is when I have awareness of when I am living from my divine light inside (Core Being) and when I am interacting from my brain’s emotional programming or ego-based personality.Presence is simply the awareness of  knowing who is embodying your human form and who is running the show. That is the first step of presence. There are 4 other steps you must master to gain full presence.
Bekindtoyourhuman1: Awareness of When In Core Being and When In Negative Reactivity, Personality-Ego Based Programming.
2: Detachment so your sense of self can be defined by Core Being and not Ego.
3: Where is the Negative Belief/Emotion Held In the Body that Keeps You Our Of Core Being.
4. Insight: Link it to Your Past
5. Transformation in all three mind, energy and body systems back to Core Being.
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All day long, I notice to what degree I am interacting from my true self or Core Being, and when I am not quite there.  I then notice what is the ego based programming holding me back from my more “present” state.  Because when I am truly present, as corny as it sounds, tangible, real life presents come my way.
If you can be aware of this in the exact moment of an interaction, that is great.  Yet it is just as valid for you to look back and realize later to what extent you were fully present or not. For me, this level of presence is mandatory to self-mastery, to enlightenment and to creating your best career, relationship or life.
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Over the years I studied many forms of meditation and have found the secret to shifting the pain in your life back to the power of your wholeness, full presence. What ever way you choose to become more present, know that there are ways to
lean into the pain during the day so you can transform it.
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Meditation is Annoying!

by Carolyn on April 7, 2014

 Meditation Can Be Easier and This is How!  Carolyn Eberle

I was 15 years old when I took my first meditation class. I signed up to see if it would help me deal with the grief I felt when Mark, my boyfriend (the first boy I ever kissed) died of a congenital heart defect a few months earlier.

As a mantra-based practice, my young and ADHD mind, just couldn’t focus.  Yet I didn’t give up.  Over the years I studied many forms of meditation and have found the secret to shifting the pain in your life back to the power of your wholeness.

There are ways to lean into the pain during meditation so you can transform it.  Meditation doesn’t have to re-traumatize you, bore you or confuse you.  It can feel easy and fun!

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Can you imagine if you combined meditation with subtle energy awareness, two powerful tools working together, what impact it can have on  your ability to help clients, awaken to higher consciousness and overcome trauma!

Tip 1: You must learn the skill of Detachment! Detachment is when your sense of self knows you are whole and can love all parts of you unconditionally. If you are feeling pain during meditation or/and throughout the day, you are not truly “present” and “detached” if that emotion or thought defines your value.

Tip 2: See those negative thoughts and emotions during meditation as energetic constructs that don’t define your value.  In other words, be differentiated and individualized from the pain.  In Object Relations Theory, if you take a toy from a 2 year old, they will cry because they feel they ARE the ball.  Never feel you ARE THE PAIN.  You are Core Being, spiritual wholeness, shifting the negative emotion and thought that holds you back.

Tip 3: “Right” meditation is “right” energy work.  Any time you use the mind as a tool for awakening, you are using it as an energetic tool.  Just like the fine point on the end of a pen draws a sharp line on the paper, your mind is the pen and its tip is the energetic frequency you are drawing.  As you are more aware of how your mind shifts your energy system, you become more empowered to surrender through the emotional pain and thoughts and return to your Core Being!

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