A love letter…wish my parents had sent me

by Carolyn on August 14, 2014

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(The love letter I wish my parents had sent me…)

My dearest, beloved son and daughter,

Wow it is amazing how much I love you and see your gifts, wisdom and light. When you were born, I literally cried ecstatic tears of joy for many days afterward because I was over flowing with so much love for you.

You are wisdom and light yet born into a world that is harsh, lost and operates under different, and hard to muster rules. Over the years, I see how your kind, gentle, compassionate angel like qualities have such a hard time dealing with the challenges and meanness of this world.

I get how alcohol/substances do help dull the ugliness of the world and make it look easier to deal with. Yet, you were meant to be a real leader-where you show the world how to be and not have the world dim your essence and wisdom and better way of being. Yet to embrace these true qualities within you, you must take the Road Less Traveled.


The road less traveled would mean for you to choose a different path…one where you discover how to not self-medicate with substances for they are negative defenses keeping you from seeing what is really happening in the world and more importantly they keep you from seeing the truth of your light. And if you can’t see your light…how is the world going to be a better place? How are you going to create a better life?

The road less traveled is the path where you find a different way to be ok with this crazy world and, as a result, change the world, help make it a better place simply because you have found a different and better way to be in it.

It is true. You were born different. And that can be the good news! Yet, the path I am suggesting is harder and more painful in the beginning until you truly find your light and find a way to transform into your wisdom and wholeness, shift the negative feelings and emotions that hold you back. This is why most people don’t take that road less traveled.

Unfortunately your other family members….did not find the road less traveled. They became their pain and as a result created more pain.


You get to choose your path. Yet, I won’t be part of the unhealthy path if you chose that.


My life is already tainted by loved ones using unhealthy defenses/substances to hurt me and those around them. I don’t do co-dependency and I won’t pretend that where you are headed and where you are now is healthy. It is part of the common path and the common pain.


Is this your path? Is this who you want to be or do you want to explore the road less traveled?


It is not an easy one, harder in some ways because it begs you to take self-responsibility, lean into the pain and learn how to shift it so you reclaim your connection to your true self…light, wisdom, loving, compassionate, caring…

It really is your choice, for only you can walk the path and although I am here for you, willing to hold your hand, you must still walk it alone.

I love you, with all my heart and soul.

With deep, unconditional and unending love,


The parental God in all of us

Copyright 2014 Carolyn Eberle, founder Mind Energy Body School of Transformation




What is Presence…Really?

by Carolyn on April 13, 2014

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When a spiritual teacher told me true presence is being focused while washing dishes, I knew there was so much more! Carolyn EberleAlthough presence can included focus, an important question to ask yourself is, “Who is Doing the Focusing?”
For me, true presences is when I have awareness of when I am living from my divine light inside (Core Being) and when I am interacting from my brain’s emotional programming or ego-based personality.Presence is simply the awareness of  knowing who is embodying your human form and who is running the show. That is the first step of presence. There are 4 other steps you must master to gain full presence.
Bekindtoyourhuman1: Awareness of When In Core Being and When In Negative Reactivity, Personality-Ego Based Programming.
2: Detachment so your sense of self can be defined by Core Being and not Ego.
3: Where is the Negative Belief/Emotion Held In the Body that Keeps You Our Of Core Being.
4. Insight: Link it to Your Past
5. Transformation in all three mind, energy and body systems back to Core Being.
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All day long, I notice to what degree I am interacting from my true self or Core Being, and when I am not quite there.  I then notice what is the ego based programming holding me back from my more “present” state.  Because when I am truly present, as corny as it sounds, tangible, real life presents come my way.
If you can be aware of this in the exact moment of an interaction, that is great.  Yet it is just as valid for you to look back and realize later to what extent you were fully present or not. For me, this level of presence is mandatory to self-mastery, to enlightenment and to creating your best career, relationship or life.
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Over the years I studied many forms of meditation and have found the secret to shifting the pain in your life back to the power of your wholeness, full presence. What ever way you choose to become more present, know that there are ways to
lean into the pain during the day so you can transform it.
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