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~Amy, LPC: “I decided to take the Me-B training, because I wanted something more for myself and for my clients. I had been working under the assumption for years, both professionally and personally, that just being aware of and processing trauma and life struggles on a cognitive and body level was synonymous with healing. Me-B work introduced me to the concept of working through our pain and programmed personalities at a mind, energy, and body level and provided me with tools for transforming pain on all three levels to a deeper connection to wholeness and my own divine truth. During the training, I experienced profound shifts in all three systems and in my life. I have been able to assist myself and my clients at a level of healing I never thought possible. It has been a paradigm shift in my personal and professional life and has truly been the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my clients.”

~ Mindy, LPC: Thank you for your support, for the life- altering work that you taught me.  To say it was pivitol doesnt really do it justice.

~ Z, MA, Counseling and Energy Healer, I feel so much gratitude to you and for you being you Carolyn and also for you being in my world!

~ Rebecca Massage Therapist: Thanks much for opening my eyes, ears body and heart so much!

~Tara, Mortgage Broker: “You have been the most supportive and generous person I have ever known. Thanks for having a huge heart and loving me.”

~Sarah, Healer: “I felt guided to join the Mind Energy Body Certification program out of a deep desire to embrace and hone my healing gifts, and to utilize them via a spiritually-based career. When I learned of the depth, uniqueness, and variety that this training offered, I knew that this would be the perfect platform for me delve into my passions. Not only did the Me-B Certification program offer psychotherapeutic training, but also training in hands-on healing, as well as an abundance of techniques for shifting the mind, energy, and body systems in order to facilitate deep transformation. I was incredibly relieved to find that such a program existed, but never would I have guessed what a life-altering, powerfully transformative journey it would be! Not only did I strengthen professionally, but I also feel more empowered, confident, and in alignment with my authentic truth then I ever dreamed possible! Whereas before I found myself disempowered and collapsing into pain and old patterns, now I have tools to assist me moment to moment in deepening my connection to my authentic essence; my Core Being. I no longer consider myself a victim to “old programming”, for now I am aware of my Choice Points and how I can engage my Enlightened Observer to help me to reprogram my mind, energy, and body systems. I am also now aware of how to utilize the power of intention in order to make choices that will align me with my Core Being rather than the painful Programmed Personality. Thanks to this AMAZING program, I am so grateful for the wealth of knowledge and invaluable tools that I can now use to support others and myself through the healing process!”

~Julie, LPC: “The reason I decided to take the Me-B training was because, well, I felt called to do so. I had taken many trainings in the past, but this one felt different. It was like the Me-B training not only took all the trainings I had done previously and combined them into one but it also took things a step further by incorporating energy. This was a huge shift for me, one that I knew was important yet had never been addressed in all the past trainings I had done. The Me-B training allowed me to integrate all that I had learned while deepening my work both personally and professionally. It has given me tools to help shift deep emotional pain and suffering while learning how to stay deeply connected to my divinity and innate wholeness. The ability to work on all three levels: the mind, energy and body has profoundly transformed my view of my personal and professional life. Carolyn is extremely talented and provides a training atmosphere filled with love, acceptance, safety and laughter.”

~ Mindy (Adolescent Therapist) This journey through MeB has been such a gift.  Each weekend has felt like a layer being pulled back to reveal more and more of who I really am.  I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for you and your work, and how it is helping me heal and evolve. I have been amazed the extent that the preteens and adolescents get the MeB work, and how much its helping them heal and move forward! I am already integrating what I am learning into my work with others, and also see the great healing the work is bringing to my clients.  Just today, I had a collapsed teenage girl swimming in victim conciousness and self injuring leave the session feeling strong and empowered because she was able to move into and experience her anger in a healthy, healing way.  So exciting to use this work even with these younger clients.

~ Brooke (Artist/Healer): You have provided me a great opportunity to learn, grow and connect with other like-minded people. You have challenged me as a teacher and allowed me to progress at my own rate. I have learned a great deal from you, and thank you for creating the Me-B System.  I would not be advancing at the rate I am, without your course!

~Suze: “I  express the sincere and deep love and appreciation I have for you. I recognize and honor the courage and work you have ventured to make available such an awesome piece of the puzzle. Every time I use the Me-B manual and use the work, I immediately find myself in a state of meditationI recognize your work on so many levels and am in awe at the gift you have been given to put it into writing. Thank you so much Carolyn.  I bow to your integrity.”

Carolyn! I wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful class!!!  And thanks for sharing the wisdom of your work-it has helped me a great deal over the past year and a half! It was very supportive for me when you explained what traditional therapy was about and your experiences with it.  I had a similar experience with it myself.   I think the biggest “take aways” for me from your class were a greater understanding of the Intention Line, attachments, and a very, very cool experience of Core Being. Again, many thanks and it was a pleasure to finally meet you in person!

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