Horse Initiated Psychotherapy

“Leo helped me to heal my attachment issues that have kept me paralyzed for years and he introduced me to a whole new level of contact that was previously untapped.” ~Sarahunicorn hip

Horse Initiated Psychotherapy — Introductory Level Certification (for learning plan requirements)

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Aug. 2, 2013
$175 for Friday night 6:30-8:30; Saturday 10-6pm

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Learn How To Support Others Through An Integrated Mind Energy Body Transformation Approach To Equine Psychotherapy!

“I am forever grateful for my experience with Eros and Carolyn. Beloved Eros, so purely mirroring my unconscious patterns and Carolyn’s gifted direction in shifting the patterns. Thank-you,” Rachel

The intimacy many horses show each other and the clarity of boundaries they display helps awaken understanding and catalyzes change within us. Most interactions begin slow and deliberate as horse and human become acquainted and learn how to feel safe and comfortable with one another. The depth of the exploration then continues and deep bonding and emotional exploration are  facilitated.

Horse Initiated Psychotherapy (HIP) is the therapeutic process where horses provide an unbiased reflection of clients’ subconscious material so it can be brought to the light with gentleness, kindness and wisdom. As a participant in this transformational process, you learn to claim your wholeness and melt away aspects of self that no longer serve you. Negative aspects of ego and personality are  replaced with enlightened change, self-acceptance and love.

It is our unconscious emotions and misguided beliefs that can cause us hardship. Yet, because horses are so sensitive, they are excellent at tracking and interacting on the energetic levels. Through interaction with horses, subconscious material is revealed and healing and transformation takes place. This is especially true when it comes to relationship dynamics.

One of my students told me this amazing story of how she took what she learned from me during a HIP weekend and applied it weeks later:

IMG_0261I was walking on a trail in Boulder Valley Ranch and I ran across a grey horse in a field that held the “good enough man” energy I am wanting to attract in my life. So I connected into my body and resonated Core Being and aligned for him to stop eating grass and walk over to me.  When he didn’t immediately come running, I started feeling inadequate and tried to pull his energy toward me.

Remembering what Carolyn had taught me, I quickly stopped this tactic, stopped distorting my energy field and shifted back to the embodied-brilliance within me.  When I next looked up, I saw an even more amazing chestnut horse standing right there in front of me.  He held stronger, positive male energy than the first horse!  So of course, I lost myself again and began to waver from my fulness.

So I told myself that I am enough to meet him equally.  I can do this!  As I recovered from my brief wobble, this magnificent being brought the original gray horse close to me and both of them were standing there, mirroring to me my own ability to align within myself.  After this experience  I now believe I can create the magic and partnership I dream to create!

You too can experience what Mindy created for her self.  During HIP sessions, most of the work is done on the ground. Horse Initiated Psychotherapy is not a riding lesson and only slowly does the work progress to include interactions while riding on the horse’s back. Some horses are in a herd setting. Just by watching, discussing and learning about herd interactions, clients can learn about their own instinctive ways of being in the world and in their family. nergy, moms, dads, and grandparents!

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