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“Carolyn is a wonderful teacher and spiritual guide. She has been a true mentor to me for a number of years and has allowed me to step forward in my own powerful way of being within the Extended Studies School and propelling me to be deeply present for myself and my clients. I now consciously create my life!”
– Franny, HTP
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GET CERTIFIED As A Mind Energy Body Transformation GUIDE
Next Certification Program-Extended Studies Begins Soon In Boulder, Colorado!

“We are Jedis.  We are trained to fear NO feeling because, when we are channeling the force, no feeling is bigger than we are.  From this Jedi stance of denying NOTHING, we see EVERYTHING, including all of our choices.  And our lives become bigger, filled with more possibility and magic.  Thank you for my Jedi training dear Carolyn.  I am forever grateful. ” (Heather, Naropa Graduate)

Mind Energy Body Transformation integrative, all in one mind, energy, body, spirit certification training will take you and your clients to their next level! Discover how to revitalize a new aliveness in your work and your ability to activate your unique gifts and to attract more clients and avoid burnout. Learn 5 Universal Spiritual Laws to Implement 5 Steps so pain and life challenge transform to wisdom, wholeness and empowerment. (Ask us about our online CEU classes too.)

Come learn how to connect to the particles of energy within trauma, anger, anxiety and sadness so the particles are entrained to raise their vibration back to wisdom and wholeness. Learn to rewire your brain’s neuro-network and transform pain to power at the most subtle levels of awareness! Energy is the physical form of consciousness that connect the mind with the body.  Skills that awaken this level of reality to you in a tangible manner, allow you to better serve your self and your clients.  Only 12 Classes for full-certification.

“This journey through has been such a gift.  Each weekend has felt like a layer being pulled back to reveal more and more of who I really am.  I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for you and your work, and how it is helping me heal and evolve. I am already integrating what I am learning into my work with others, and also see the great healing the work is bringing to my clients.” (Mindy~Therapist working with teens)

This integrative approach meets you on all levels. In service to your Highest Potential, we teach an organized and sophisticated system of cultivating the energy of your inner healer, leader and higher self. It bridges the gap between meditators, energy healers and body psychotherapists.

2.5 Day Class Payment ($300):

1 Day Class Payment ($100):



1) Learn to melt the energy of lower consciousness and the blocks in your life like “butter on a grill”. With our 5 Skills and 5 Steps for the energy of emotional pain, life challenge and illness to transform to wisdom and wholeness

2) Advance your somatic/trauma and body centered skills.

3) Master the anatomy of subtle energy dimensions that support stronger mindfulness techniques and personal transformation skills. (Energy Dimensions and frequencies that support positive intention, spiritual wholeness, safety, and trust.)

4) Ability to see/sense where the energy of a limiting belief/trauma is held in the client’s body so you are better able to help guide the therapeutic experience. Also learn to diagnosis the quality of the charge held in the emotion/belief and know what the emotion is before your client has even felt it.

5) Master the ability to rewire negative cords and ancestral linage patterns, learn how to work energetically with archetypes.

Graduation Ceremony on Labyrinth-This Could Be You Too!

6) Rewire your brain for higher consciousness and to anchor into your Core Being.
7) Discover how to help someone transition through death.
8) Gain the skills to help a client transform a chronic illness and dissolve cancer from their mind-body system.
9) Avoid burn out and energize a new aliveness and abundance to your work
10) Attract the Clients you Want and More Abundance To your Practice.

As you master this life-altering integrative mind, energy, body, spirit system, the energy of trauma, emotional pain and life challenge transforms into higher consciousness, wisdom and a sense of freedom that can deepen your ability to appreciate the world around you and advance your talents to serve your clients.

STRUCTURE: Each class is 2 1/2 days.  This is coupled with 1 additional day for practice, integration and personal transformation ($100) F Full Certification is only 12 Classes.  Each class is $300.

Homework assignments deepen your sophistication and understanding of the work and an extensive 500 page curriculum/workbook grounds this amazing and life altering body of work.

The 12-class journey not only enables you to deeply return to and anchor powerfully into the flow of Who You Really Are, but also teaches you how to help your clients do the same. Experience the power for yourself in a private discounted session by contacting us now or by attending our introductory offerings!

Contact Us, Teachers and/or Graduates to See If We Are A Powerful Match for Your Next Skills Evolution!

Ready to incorporate the next step  towards empowerment, healing and self-discovery? Let’s have tea and meet with me, my teachers and graduates  to learn how this program can create the changes in your life that make a tangible difference in your work.

Here Is A Taste Of The Wealth You Will Gain

  • Awakening to the Spiritual Truth of Who You Really Are by fostering the Courage to Lean into Life’s Painful moments because you know how to transform the frequency of pain to aliveness and joy. Make the changes you have been longing to create.
  • Self-Mastery System of 5 skills to implement 5 steps (a Secret Code for awakening.) You implement this system throughout your day, 100 times a day, so challenge becomes a gift of wisdom with gratitude. It includes a system called: 3-Rings of Healing to Shape Shift your Emotional Realities.
  • As you learn to transform the energy of your Anger/Sadness/Insecurity – You Become able to say “no” when you want to and make life decisions from your personal power and not your wounded self.
  • Learn to re-orient away from your unhealthy wounded defense system and deeply connect to yourself and others so office politics, family reunions and intimate relationships become joyous opportunities for growth and intimacy.
  • Learn how to improve your health and help others transform their cancer, illness and other physical challenges.
  • Develop Your Intuitive Counseling and Subtle Energy Skills That Help You Attract The Clients and Abundance You Really Want.
  • Sense, See And Track The Energy Of Consciousness in Relationships, Clients, Groups And Self so you can better find your critical Choice Points where you react differently and change is created.
  • Learn How To Use Any Difficulty as an ‘Energetic Structure’ so your wounded and lost parts change their frequency and you live life from personal power.
  • Reveal The Subconscious Held In Your Cells And Re-Write The DNA To A Higher Truth That Serves Rather Than Sabotages.
  • Learn advanced Trauma And Attachment Techniques so painful and abusive connection with workmates, family, friends transform into being able to receive love, appreciation and create a positive supportive community.
  • Prevent trauma re-wounding. Follow More Than Body Clues. Learn To Be Able To Assess Energetically If A Client Just Felt The Emotion Or Actually Transformed It.
  • Master Energetic Techniques To Transform Depression, Anxiety, And Illness so these painful conditions don’t make us succumb to helplessness.  Instead, they teach us how to reclaim who we are really meant to be.
  • Learn 3-Skills of Adult Consciousness that heal Childhood attachment traumas and Birth Traumas so we become the light in the darkness of any challenge we might have to face.
  • Learn A New Dimension of Anger Work To Create Personal Power.
  • Energetic Advanced Mindfulness Techniques help you self-regulate throughout the day and hunt the “pac man” of your pain because you know it will transform to tingles of joy.
  • More than 50 hands-on touch and non-touch Interventions allow you to experience there is really much more magic, beauty and wonder to this world than most can see. And you will be the one experiencing it for yourself!
  • Transform Past lives, Archetypes, Ancestral Energies And Dreams that keep you stuck in old patterns.
  • And SO much more!

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12 Class Dates Mind Energy Body Transformation Certification

2015 (tentative-slight changes may be made)

Class 1:  Aug. 21-23; Sept. 25-27; Oct.23-25; Nov. 20-22; Dec. 18-20; Jan. 22-24 2016; Feb. 19-21; March 17-19; April 22-24; May 27-29; June 17-19; July 8-10. GRADUATION!!!



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