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These Transformational Exercises Will Empower You And Condition Your Brain To Self-Regulate Back to Wholeness Throughout The Day, Helping You To…

Live Your Best Life!

“It takes High Vibrational Consciousness to love ourselves when we are imperfect, messy, awkward and wrong. But this is when we need it the most! Anything else perpetuates pain and ego-based low vibrational consciousnesss”
- Carolyn Eberle, Founder

*Each video meditation is accompanied by a PDF Booklet to provide
you with additional information about your meditations.

1. Transforming Auric Levels 1-3 (Part 1)
Learn to balance all the chakras on each of the first 3 levels of the Auric field to clean hidden negative energies and increase your consciousness raising skills. Rewire your brain to a new level that supports you in living your Highest Potential! Heal the health issues held on Level 1 of your Auric Field, improve the condition of your emotional “Pain Body” on Level 2, and diminish anxiety and enhance mental clarity on Level 3. Bring your emotional gifts to life by balancing your levels of the field and restoring greater balance in your life! (18.21 min) $9.99!



2. Transforming Auric Levels 4-7 (Part II)
Learn to balance all the chakras on levels 4-7 of the Auric field to clean hidden negative energies and increase your consciousness raising skills to rewire your brain to a new level! Balance your levels and Balance your life! In the Auric Field, there are 7 major chakras and each chakra is the doorway to a level of the field. The Relationship “Pain Body” is on Level 4, the blueprint for what happens on the physical level is 5, Divine Bliss is Level 6 and Divine Wisdom is Level 7. Add form to your emotional gifts and challenges. (18.55 min.) $9.99



3. The Body-Energy System Talks – Learn How To Listen To Its Wisdom and Advice.
Discover how each of our 7 chakras holds a unique intuitive ability you can use to better direct your life. As we incarnate into our body, we advance our ability to be masters. This video helps you connect deeply within and listen to the wisdom waiting for you in the chakras, the physical body and 4 major levels of the Auric Field. (17.44 min) $9.99



4. Build Your Energetic Weight Lifting Skills
Develop the muscles to run large amounts of higher consciousness through your mind and body. Our brain has “plasticity”-meaning it can be reprogrammed. Every time we choose to self-regulate back to these higher frequencies of wholeness, we rewire our brain’s habituated responses to a more balanced baseline. Learn to Self-Regulate back to Your Centered Oneness and Engage an Enlightened Observer to Transform Emotional Pain back to Core Being and the Multi-Dimensional Interconnectedness of us all. As you build these consciousness muscles, you are able to act in your life more often from the God Consciousness within you.  As you master the ability to expand to these higher frequencies, you also develop your skills to transform low vibrational consciousness into the energy of Source. (18.33 min.) $9.99



5. 10 Skills To Build Your Energy And Consciousness Container.
This video is designed to help you put together a short and long term plan to build your energy and consciousness container in all three mind, energy and body systems. As you increase your baseline of energy transformation skills and consciousness, you increase your self mastery. (22.52 min) $9.99




6. Core Being Connection Meditation.
Core Being is our one note in the universe that when mixed with all the other spirit notes, makes a symphony of Oneness. It is the unique spark of your God Consciousness and it is who you truly are. When you were first conceived, what color was your spark? What were its qualities? Feel the sensation of its energy in you. As we learn to live from our Core Being, we rewire our brain’s unhealthy reactivity, foster harmony, peace, love and creativity in the world. “Dis-ease” melts away and is replaced by wisdom, lessons and the deeper truth of who we are. Over time, as your consciousness increases, you become the clean clear vessel for God Consciousness to move through. This is what Buddhists call not having a self. Until then, the Core Being becomes your “transitional blanket” helping you anchor into the truth and dissolve the distortions. (12.55 min) $4.99



7. Meditate with Your Furry Companion To Increase Your Bond and Health !
Our animal friends are natural healers. Every time I meditate, my dogs and cat are soon sitting next to me. As the energy moves through us it also clears, balances and charges our companion. My black lab will twitch and shake as the energetic blocks dissipate. It is fun, healing for both of you and a great way to bond even deeper! (Coming soon) ($9.99)


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