For Licensed Therapists & Clinical Professionals

If you are a licensed therapist or a mental health care professional working in the clinical setting and you know – because you’ve experienced it – that there’s more to effectively supporting your clients and patients than what you learned in school… [read more]

For Holistic Practitioners

If you are a holistic practitioner – healer, energy worker, chiropractor, coach, massage therapist, yoga teacher – working with those who have deep emotional wounding, you stand in a challenging position. On one hand, your clients are counting on you, and you want to be able to support them, but on the other… [read more]

For a Better Life

If you want to discover how to master the energy of your negative thoughts and feelings about your self, including the painful emotions of trauma, so that your life’s challenges and your pain, no matter how great,, can become the portals to reclaiming your light… [read more]