Energy Personalty Type Assessment

Awaken To Your Unique gifts!

Mind Energy Body TransformationTM
(Based on the foundational work of Wilhelm Reich/Alexander Lowen/Barbara Brennan)

Subtle energy is the foundation of everything. As you understand specific aspects of your energy personality gifts, you can then discover more about the blocks preventing you from achieving wealth, your best career, relationship and the ability to consciously create your best life. As a result of taking this test, you will (1) discover talents not yet realized and (2) personality obstacles preventing success. As a result, you realize a deeper sense of wholeness, joy and ease as you manifest your dreams into reality. This test has been proven over the past 9 years, let it help you move forward in your life!

Don’t think of what the answer should be, just give your first initial response.

1. When I feel challenged in a close/family relationship, the person challenging me is more likely to respond in which of the following manner?
They will over intellectualize what is happening and are unable to connect emotionally.
They will be overly mothering, even suffocating and can sometimes invade my boundaries.
They will be submissive and try overtly to please me.
They will tease or shame me.
They will be competitive with me.
2. When I find myself in a situation where my abilities are publicly shown and tested, I can:
Withdraw or disassociate
Become needy or dependent
Control, dominate or exert energy
Feel guilty and shameful
Hold back and be reserved
3. Which negative belief statement do you most identify with when you are dealing with an authority figure?
To exist (or be seen) means to die.
If I ask, it’s not love; if I don’t ask, I won’t get it.
I can’t trust, I will be betrayed.
If I get angry, I’ll be humiliated; if I don’t, I’ll be humiliated.
Either choice is wrong.
4. My programmed personality defense most closely resembles the following statement.
I’ll reject you before you reject me.
I don’t need you.
I’m right and you’re wrong.
I’ll hurt myself before you hurt me
Yes, but…
5. I tend to offer the following statement when I am in my separated, angry, alone or lower, false self:
You don’t exist either.
Take care of me.
I will control or dominate you.
I will spite and provoke you.
I won’t love you.
6. Which of the following is my Core Being (Higher Self) Statement?
I am real, safe and can stay present.
I’m enough, full and whole.
I can give in, surrender and trust.
I am free, can set healthy boundaries and will never feel I am a victim.
I can be imperfect and whole because I feel my true essence.
7. When a negative feeling comes, it usually is:
Passivity, Hopelessness
Feelings of Being Defeated, Betrayed
Shame, Victimized
Being inappropriate or imperfect
8. My stress pattern in life is to:
Hold Together
Hold On
Hold Up
Hold In
Hold Back
9. The negative behavior pattern I do the most, when with an intimate partner, is best expressed by which of the following statements?
I separate and run away/split when (even before) things are difficult.
What emotional support you give, won’t be enough. I’ll always need more attention, love....
If you don’t do it my way, I cannot trust you. Be submissive to me!
I secretly love negativity and like to say it is someone else’s fault.
I won’t let go and be messy or inappropriate. Control is vital.
10. To move forward in life, I feel I most need to:
Feel safe in my body and on earth.
Meet my own needs and stand in my own power, by myself and without help.
Trust and give-in (compromise) instead of fight.
Be assertive, free, self-care, set boundaries, and never believe I am the victim.
Feel safe/whole even when imperfect and messy. Connect heart feelings with sexuality.
11. The following describes my physical body best
Elongation, Scoliosis, Cold Hands and Feet, Cold Core
Thin, Collapsed Chest, Cold Chest, Depleted
Inflated Chest, Top Heavy; Cold Legs and Pelvis, Upper Body Holds More of a Charge
Head Forward, Heavy and Cold Buttocks; Boiling Inside
Ridged Back, Pelvis Tipped and Cold, Withheld from Core
12. My negative energetic defense is best described in the following manner (give your first best guess):
Withdrawal, Beside Myself, Escape
Sucking Energy, Hysteria, Needy
Hook, Mental Grasp, Controlling, Dominating
Silent Brooding, Tentacles, Merging, Porcupine, Body Armoring
Power/Will Display, Verbal Denial, Boundary Containment, Judging, Controlling
13. The energy centers (chakras) I use the most include -give your first best guess:
7th Crown Chakra on top of the head and the front of 6th on the forehead (mental and spiritual centers)
Most chakras are undercharged, uses front of 3rd, Solar Plexus to grasp energy from another person because they can’t fill themselves up (ego-based feelings of not enough)
Back and upper Charkas (will and mental centers strongest
Lower Chakras (grounded energy strong energy through the lower body)
Uses mostly back and upper Chakras of mental/will over emotion (structured, perfectionist-oriented and emotional chakras are undercharged)