Interventions For Class 2

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This is an excellent hands-on energy healing positive resource intervention to help yourself or clients.  It connects a person to the Centered Oneness of all dimensions.   The higher self sometimes even reincarnates at deeper levels through this technique.  

For instance, if we are all one then we can tap into that energy to help raise our vibration, and raise our consciousness.  So if the oneness of all is a symphony of notes, then lets tap into that symphony energetically so we can foster peace and harmony. 

After we tap into the centered oneness frequency, then you expand outward to the multi-dimensional fabric of interconnectedness. It is the frequency of all the galaxies of all the worlds.  See picture below. It looks like the aurora borealis when I see it come down into the client.

When the energy comes in, it looks like ribbons of rainbow flows – again, just like the Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights.

Lastly, as we are expanded to these higher frequencies, often the wisdom of the Star Child Energies come in to support us.  Often when they come in, they look like golden computer chips that hold the lessons you or your cleint learned when he/she lived on other planets.

It can be done both through touch and non-touch techniques.  If non-touch, the client first guides the centered oneness energy into his or herself with the thumb and index fingers. She rests it on opposite sides of his/her own bellybutton.

Step one—using intention, connect the cord to the Centered Oneness of all at the bellybutton.  Your thumb and index fingers rest on opposite sides of the bellybutton. 

Step two—using intention, presence, deep contact with the Centered Oneness — invite the client to receive the Centered Oneness of all through the belly button in terms of sensations in the body.  Allow the energy to first fill the whole belly.  It will then expand to fill both up and down the body.  

Once the flow subsides, slowly disconnect and let the client continue doing this without our help.  (This is a good preparation for the Multi-Dimensional Fabric Alignment Healing and before the Star Child Healing.)

The depth of this healing is dependent upon:
(1) to what extent the Transformational Life Skills (TLS) practitioner can connect to these dimensions and
(2) to what extent the client can open to receive that connection. 

Practitioners begin by first connecting to themselves and then outwardly expanding their field multi-dimensionally.  He/She returns to the place of expanded oneness with the world and then expands further to encompass worlds/planets and universes.  Feel, see, imagine and experience it!

Now imagine rainbow ribbons flowing through that oneness. (Pastels, primary colors, opal essence, gold, silver.)  The ribbon-like energy shines.  It is strong and about 6 inches wide.  Let the colors come in and flow from head to foot down the client’s body. 

(1) Torso-head  then back to perineum. 
(2) Then arm/leg on the left side of the body. 
(3) Then arm/leg on the right side of the body—let the ribbons flow on their own.  Watch to see which color comes next.  If no color comes, imagine rose red flowing.  Then, wait to see if another color flows.  If it doesn’t, then move through the pastel colors one at a time, pausing between in case the next color wants an opportunity to come without us directing it.

Feel the universes and worlds flowing and connected.  Imagine the consciousness they bring. Let our consciousness resonate at that level.  Breathe, bask, breathe.  Let our own imagination and creativity ignite the process.

    • Then put your mind/awareness into the client’s field.  One hand is placed by her hip, closest to you.  The other hand is resting on her arm closest to you.  Allow this vibration to resonate from the anchor in your field to your client’s.   It can also anchor and resonate from the field in the room directly into the client.
    • Using your mind, hands, and whole field, deepen our connection to the client.  Observe where the energy is transmitted from us to the client.
    • Move hands and mind/awareness to areas where the transmission is least.  Then gently transmit more deeply.
    • Continue moving hands/awareness to areas of least transmission until the energy is balanced equally throughout the client’s field.  Usually it takes two or three movements before the field becomes saturated and won’t receive a deeper shift (about 15-20 minutes). 
    • Then you move into the Star Child Healing. 

After the Multi-Dimensional Fabric Alignment preparation, the field tends to be very open to receive this healing. 

Expand your field to connect to the stars.  The energy that comes in looks like computer chips made of stardust.  It contains the knowledge the client needs to fulfill their life task.  If a client has never had or has had only a few incarnations on other planets and stars, only a few chips may enter.   If they have had many, you may sense the whole belly cavity fill with the knowledge of the stars!

    • Then you complete the Multidimensional Healing.
    • You sense the client’s field has shifted as much as it will, place one hand on the hip and one hand on the client’s arm nearest you.  Using breath and awareness, raise your vibration to the Universal Fabric and allow the celestial blanket to descend and gently anchor in as it naturally covers the client’s body.   Take time to anchor it in!  Carefully place your hands on hips, waist, chest, shoulder and anywhere else it needs help anchoring in. Let it vibrate and raise the vibration of the client.  I recommend the client remain on the table 3-5 minutes once the process has finished so it can fully integrate. 

Centered Oneness/Multi-Dimentional Fabric/Star Child Hands-On Intervention