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Here Is Your Access… (Start-Up Kit for your Magic Ticket!) Part 1 of 3

Get the Magic Ticket!!

To Transform Emotional Pain and Life Challenge to Power! Welcome to your Start up Kit!

I look forward to holding a loving container to help you discover how to embody and cultivate your best life by anchoring deeply into your spiritual wholeness which I call your Core Being. You see you were not meant to suffer but to instead transform your challenges into wisdom and wholeness!

You can learn to anchor into your spiritual wholeness and awaken your true self. There is a Secret Code to transform what is not working into what can become a valuable, abundant and healing event. I call my work Mind Energy Body (ME-B Works) Transformation.

As you discover how to do this, you can then transform the energy of personal challenges that "hurt" and hold you back.

you see energy IS consciousness that connects your mind with your body. And, as you begin to experience your inner Core Being wholeness in your mind, body and energy system - the emotional pain, stress, illness and overwhelm becomes just an energetic template (like the blueprint of your home) that can change and shift.I teach 5 Spiritual Laws/Steps/Skills to help you awaken to the quantum reality and thus get the magic ticket to transform the lead in your life to gold.

Before you were born, when you were still in spirit form, you knew the truth of your own brilliance. Then, as you incarnated into this human form, you began to forget.

Mastering all 5 of these Laws/Steps/Skills is the Secret Code that will empower you to live more and more from your Core Being and thus create a happier, healthier and more abundant life!

This process of forgetting is one of the major reasons you feel emotional pain and "suffering" here on earth. Let this "Starter Kit" help you begin to regain those super power abilities to transform the emotional pain and challenge in your life. With this ability you easily reconnect with your brilliant, inner wholeness!

The video below discusses the importance of being kind to yourself and not creating an inner bully that will hold you back! It is just one of of the 5 profound transformation skills you learn in this work.

Over the past decade, students and clients experience how this Secret Code system helps them awaken to that deep power, wisdom and gifts within. It gives students and clients the ability to transform the negative habits, thoughts and challenges in their life into the riches of conscious manifestation!

To sign the petition stating you will be kind to your human, click here!

Jane explains, "Thank you Carolyn. You taught me how to transform the clouds of negativity - into a loving marriage and a positive future! Your work really is the Magic Ticket to a kinder and happier life!"

This work combines the skills of self-mastery: healing the wound, re-wiring your negative brain's habituation, advanced mindfulness, somatic body awareness and subtle energy skills.

I will send you a link to it in a few days! Keep a look out for it in your email! And, as always, feel free to contact me personally if you have questions.