What is Transformation

What is Transformation? Does Life Really Happen For Us and Not To Us?


Below is a video helping you understand the difference between simply experiencing and understanding negative emotions and TRANSFORMING negative emotions and life events. By (1) learning to feel the actual vibration of the negative emotion, and then (2) I can teach you how to gain the “superpower” ability to transform that vibration of fear, hopelessness, sadness, anger, etc. – you achieve more than processing it, you actually change its vibration and anchor into a bigger sense of self! There is a better way that is based in vibrational medicine, spiritual awakening, somatic trauma work, and meditation. Your true self is bigger, brighter and wiser than you can imagine! As you learn how to transform the negative feelings and life patterns that hold you back, you actually embody more of your wholeness and awaken more of your deep brilliance!

You see, these negative feelings and events show up for you – not to you. They are the energetic portal that – with the “right” knowledge and techniques – can be transformed in a manner where you can skillfully incarnate more of your wholeness into your beloved human form. Watch and learn that HOW you feel, determines IF you heal. As you learn the 5 skills and steps I teach, you can feel those negative emotions in a manner that their vibration changes so anger becomes power, sadness becomes joy and fear becomes courage to move forward!

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