3 Rings and 5 Steps, Skills and Spiritual Laws


This advanced mindfulness formula transforms emotional pain into wisdom, wholeness and positive manifestation.  You learn to move through the

All day long, you move through these 3 rings – unhealthy defense (outer most ring) emotional pain or wound (next ring), and wholeness (center ring). The 5 skills, steps and spiritual laws outline the formula so, throughout the day, you can;

(1) be aware of which of the 3-rings your sense of self is operating from (is it from defense/wound/Core Being) , and

(2)  then you can choose to transform your emotional triggers and limbic dysregulation so that you can return back to your Core Being, center ring.

I encourage you to feel the power of doing this consciously. I also invite you to use the 5 steps/skills/laws advanced mindfulness and energy transformation formula so you can have choice as to which of the 3-rings you create your life from.  I suggest you practice noticing what ring you are currently living from and why.  As you embody this practice, you can then begin to transform the unsupportive consciousness (emotions/false self/ego/negative beliefs and patterns…) preventing you from embodying your Core Being (center ring).

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In fact, I believe learning to:

(1) self-identify as your Core Being, and

(2) mastering the “super power” ability to transform your false self and the energy of any negative emotions/belief/pattern that keeps you from resonating at the vibrational alignment of your Core Being is, bar none, the greatest service any of us can provide to the world at large, our country, our family and ourselves. In fact, I believe this is everyone’s most important life task.

Spiritual Law 1, Step 1 and Skill 1

  • Spiritual Law 1 states, your sense of self, creates your reality.
    So if you are connected to your false self, you will create a reality that resonates at that lower frequency. And, if you are connected to your Core Being, your reality will mirror the higher vibrational reality of your Core Being.


  • Step 1 is when you develop the ability to notice when you are in Core Being and when you are living from the lower vibration of your unhealthy ego or false-self.


  • To implement Step 1, learn to master Skill 1 – the Explorer’s Mind.
    This is when you can be that balanced detective, discovering who is in charge of creating your reality. Is it your Core Being or is it your wound. (Outer Most Ring of negative defenses, ego, beliefs, patterns, false self).


Spiritual Law 2, Step 2 and Skill 2

  • Spiritual Law 2 says, your emotions, and negative challenge is just energy; it is not a litmus test on your value! 


  • Therefore, Step 2 asks you to self-identify as your Core Being and differentiate/detach/individualize from the negative emotion, wound, and false self you are experiencing.


  • To implement this herculean task, you use Skill 2, the ability to connect to the magnetic energy of aligned intention. Energetically it holds Yang energy – like the pull between two magnets wanting to come together. I call it the Intention Line (Barbara Brennan’s Hara Line).  With individuation from the emotional pain, your sense of self and ego is no longer defined by the emotion, and thus you can feel negative emotions as energy and not as a negative experience you must control or move away from.  Just like an ameba pulls away from negative stimuli, we beloved humans want to pull away from life’s negative challenges. Yet, to end negative patterns and to reduce the pull of the negative ego, we must learn to lean into the emotional pain and transform its lower vibrations back to wisdom, wholeness, and joy. A sign you have done this is when you know your sense of self is much more than the negative emotional energy that runs through you and you also know there is a powerful way to feel that emotion so it transforms into a deeper connection with your Core Being. As you learn “how to feel”  those negative events and emotions, then you no longer lose your sense of self to the overwhelm of flooding images, thoughts and events. This is when you can stop letting your sense of self merge with and be defined by the negative feelings, images, beliefs and emotions that run through you.  Again, you notice them, yet they don’t define your value or your sense of self.

Spiritual Law 3, Step 3 and Skill 3

  • Spiritual Law 3 says those negative patterns will repeat until you identify the false self and root of the negative pattern.


  • Therefore, Step 3 asks you to name, own, and claim the painful consciousness that is separating you from your Core Being. It also asks you to locate where it is held in the body, mind and energy system. In this step, you go within, and actually overcome your resistance to feeling (or collapsing into) the emotional pain of the wound within your body and energy system.


  • To implement this very difficult step, you must also master Skill 3. I call Skill 3, the choice point. In this part, you chose to lean into and feel the pain. As a result of learning to feel the emotional pain in the mind and body, you then can move to Steps 4 and 5 where you will learn to transform the challenge back to personal power, wisdom and a deep Connection to your Core Being.  Therefore, you also align to bring your life back on course and end those negative patterns that hold you back


Spiritual Law 4, Step 4 and Skill 4

  • Spiritual Law 4 says, “life happens for you, not to you.” So when that terrible thing happens, it is not your fault, yet it is your solution to find. You couldn’t have prevented that experience from happening – otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. What you can do is dig deep and find the hidden gift, resilience, and bigger wholeness that can come from transforming that deep pain.


  • Step 4 helps you implement Spirtual Law 4 by teaching you how to gain powerful insight into the personal challenge you are facing. It also asks you to explore how to link your current trigger to any negative event or pattern in your childhood or more recent past.  This step helps the mind to understand how this painful feeling can somehow help you collect wisdom.


  • The mastery skill to implement this Step 4 is Skill 4, the Enlightened Observer. The Enlightened Observer is the part of you that is connected to your wholeness and sees you from “gods eyes” and not from ego.  It is different from the “objective” observer in that it clearly has an external spiritual support to help you receive unconditional love and internal safety. It is divine “mother” energy that supports secure attachment. In other words, it is like a mother bear archetype of the good enough goddess helping you remember you are safe, whole and beloved. Its energy vibration is so high, that it helps you transform negative emotions into positive actions and feelings. For instance, anger transforms to power; sadness to joy; and hopelessness to positive action. If you haven’t already seen it, here is a 2 min video explaining more!  Click Here!


Spiritual Law 5, Step 5 and Skill 5

  • Spiritual law 5 says there is a Core Being, bigger spiritual wholeness that is your true self. Some people call it their higher self.  I don’t choose to use that term because I want you to claim it as your true essence, not something bigger or higher than you.  In this work I ask you to self-identify as your bigger essence, and send love and kind healing to your human parts so they too can raise their vibration closer to your Core Being, real self.


  • Step 5 is the ability to implement all of the previous steps and transform the low vibrational consciousness (LVC) of your emotional pain and false self into the high vibrational consciousness (HVC) of your Core Being. In essence, this is done by using the HVC energy of your Enlightened Observer that transforms the dense Low Vibrational Consciousness (LVC ) of the false self, ego programmed personality and its emotional pain.  This must happen in all 3 systems: mind, energy and body.  Basically, an example of LVC is our negative beliefs, trauma, ego and challenging emotions.  HVC examples are faith, Core Being, joy and positive intention.  Skill 5 is the ability to self-identify as Core Being as an emotion and sensation of bliss in both the mind and the body. Sometimes you can’t reconnect completely to Core Being because your
    ego or negative intention is too strong. (Not enough HVC.)  If this happens, be patient and compassionate with yourself.  Ask for help and send love and kindness to the human part of you that needs deeper healing.


  • Skill 5 is the ability to resonate at your Core Being and self-identify as Core Being while sending love and healing to your human parts. Yes, this is when you truly embody deep self-love and can be kind to your human when it hurts, feels lost and in despair.See the top picture of the 3-Rings shows before transformation and the second image shows after you have mastered the transformation formula.

(The center purple ring is bigger because you are deeply anchored into your Core Being.)

Now, print and then fill out your 3-Rings with this form!