Energy Transformation Tips

Energy and Consciousness Transformation Tips
To Create Your Best Life!

The following are Energy Transformation Tips to consider when you are doing healings. The most important ones I follow are outlined below.

  • The level of skill you have in feeling/connecting to the negative energy in your body while sending yourself love is directly proportional to your ability to consciously shape your best life.

As you master the ability to love yourself – at the same time as you are naming, owning and claiming your negative emotions, false self or Core Distortions – you embody the most critical skill for personal transformation.
I call it learning to be kind to your human! (Click Here to View Video Blog to Learn More)
For you are wholeness, helping the human vehicle (the other you) to transcend and awaken to more of the brilliance and wisdom of your Core Being higher self.
If you are mean to your beloved human when you make mistakes, have imperfections or sometimes act like a human – then you hold yourself back.
Yet, if you can name, own, and claim the emotions, false self or belief asking for transformation,  (Step 3 of the 5 Steps I teach) then you will slowly, yet beautifully awaken more and more to the truth of who you really are!

  • The second most important skill to master is – the ability to feel both the emotion in your mind and the sensation in your body of your Core Being.

For example, my Core Being feels like tingles and flows of energy throughout my belly area, it fills my chest, back and my arms and legs. And, emotionally, it feels like bliss. In particular, it reminds me how I felt after my son was born and I was filled with the bonding hormone oxytocin.
If you can feel both the emotion in your mind and the sensation in your body of your Core Being then you can use that higher vibrational energy to melt away any negative energy blocks in your mind/body.   This is what you practiced in the last module where you learned the Positive Resourcing Core Distortion Intervention.

our bigger self is always there to support you!

  • What you focus on Grows! Look at what you can do and build upon what is working in your life so you get more of what is working!
  • Your Sense of Self is defined by your brain’s neuro-network and your body’s biological programming. You must change your brain and your biology in order to achieve higher consciousness. Rewire your brain, it changes your DNA and creates a stronger and more positive sense of self!
  • It is your sense of self that creates your reality. Develop a higher vibrational sense of self and it will create a more joyful and positive reality.
  • Your current emotions and thoughts do not represent the deeper truth. They are just energetic frequencies that come and go just as the rain comes and goes. Notice your thoughts and emotions but DO NOT believe them as necessarily being true or valid. Challenge their validity and look for the deeper truth.
  • Everything is made out of particles of energy. With the right skill set, all energy that holds Low Vibrational Consciousness can be transformed to High Vibrational Consciousness!
  • Energy is the building block for everything. Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and sense of self are defined by the energy running through you. You can shift the negative energetic frequency of the pain and challenge in your life. It doesn’t take talent, just skill development.
  • Energy is the medium that connects your mind with your body. As you learn to shift the energy in both your mind AND your body, you raise your consciousness. To do this, you must learn to feel both the emotion and sensation of the low vibrational energy.
  • As you learn to feel the somatic (sensation) of the negative energy held in your body, you can melt the negative energy away just like butter melts on the grill. You can surrender to allow and receive HVC and melt away the lower negative feelings, sensations, beliefs and emotions. Watch it come in and align to let it flow by getting out of the way. Don’t “run” the energy.
  • Detached connection (not disassociation) transforms negative energy into higher consciousness, peace, abundance and wholeness. Merging with negative energy creates more negative energy.
  • To detach from negative energy – you must be differentiated from your negative personality traits and anchored into your higher self.
  • To detach from negative energy and shift negative patterns in your life, you must be able to send self-love to your wounded parts and overcome feelings of shame and victim conscious.
  • Trauma is usually energetically held in the Auric Field (Levels 2 and 4 in particular) and in chakras, and the Intention Dimension (Brennan’s Hara Dimension).
  • All negative energy can be shifted to higher vibrational frequencies of wholeness if you have the right skills.
  • It does not take special powers or talent to shift negative energy into high vibrational wholeness, abundance and joy.
  • When you begin awakening to higher consciousness, you will typically first shift the negative energy in your heart (4th chakra) This is when you shift the pain you encountered in relationships and begin to open to self-love.

Then the next area you will find an energy block will most likely be your diaphragm. The consciousness block there usually deals with your in ability to feel secure and happy—when you have made a mistake or find yourself imperfect.

As the negative energy in your diaphragm begins to resonate at higher consciousness, you will then find a block in your, 3rd chakra (solar plexus). As you shift the negative aspects of the 3rd chakra, you also shift the negative energy of your ego and negative sense of self.

Next you will typically shift negative energy in your 2nd Chakra (pelvis). This is when you can deeply claim your personal power.

Lastly you become your own authority on your life as you shift the negative energy in your 5th chakra (throat).
Finally, after the 5th chakra shifts deeply into higher vibrational consciousness, you will typically begin to shift the negative energy in your 1st chakra. This is when you begin to advance toward implementing your life task! You will repeat this cycle of chakra shifting many, many, many times in your life.

  • If you can assess what is happening energetically in your chakras-you empower yourself to then shift the negative energy blocks holding you back in your life.
  • Core Being energy rewires the negative aspects of your DNA, nervous system, and biology.
  • Once you heal enough of your negative child consciousness patterns, you are ready to heal past life and negative ancestral/lineage patterns as well as negative archetypal energies. Some of the deepest subconscious healing is done when you are ready to heal negative ancestral wiring and archetypal energies.
  • Negative sexual energies create pain. Sexual energy that holds high vibrational consciousness heals the pain in your life. It is important to have the skills to shift negative sexual energies to high vibrational sexual energies.
  • Self-mastery happens when you develop the ability to shift the negative energy in your brain and body!
  • There are two energies that keep you stuck in negative patterns: self-hate and shame. Heal these energies to over come your negative patterns. Feeling you are a victim to your circumstances will also keep you stuck. Instead, adopt the energy skill where you adapt the Explorer’s Mind. This is when you become the detective to discover why the negative feelings/event has shown up FOR you and not to you!
  • To heal any relationship challenge, you must understand that you must take responsibility for your part of your internal pain and you must let go of NEEDING the other person to change in order for you to be happy. We can’t control anyone but ourselves. As you embrace the belief that the healing must come from within, and to that extent, it is never about the other person…you can then see what you need to shift within yourself in order to shift the negative energy between you and your partner.  As you do this, it will create a healthier relationship.  Sometimes that means the relationship ends and sometimes it means you stay together.
  • As you develop the energy transformation skills to transform lower consciousness into higher self, you can create the life you have always wanted. If so moved, sign up for our free energy transformation tips, events, books and receive personal support from Carolyn.

Here are some pivotal tips to help you better support clients with a chronic illness such as cancer, depression, and MS.
I offer weekend trainings on this topic if you want to explore this subject deeper.  Here are some tips of common mistakes to avoid when working with cancer and auto-immune disorders.

Some cautionary notes on working with cancer (tumor type) are to make sure you don’t put energy into the cancer and charge the energy of the cancer. Also, cancer can energetically be very sticky. It can hold onto your hands so be careful not to let it cling to you when you are doing interventions.

  • When I work with cancer, I connect to it and use the Core Being frequency to melt it away. I have had great success with this method.
  • Yet, I always assess the progress and assess what is the actual consciousness (belief, false self) asking for transformation – so it has no energy to grow.
  • Lastly, I never suggest to a client that they, "did something" to make the cancer appear.  I am clear with them that it IS NOT their fault.  Yet, it is their solution to find. 
  • Since it showed up in their life, they get to discover the awakening gift it can bring them so the cancer and their false self transforms to power, wisdom and positive creation.


  • When working with any auto-immune disorder, the energy field becomes very frail. I never run energy into it.
  • I instead awaken Core Being and track it very closely so I don’t "blow" it out with too much energetic connection.  With auto-immune challenges – always remember that less is more.  Teach your client to transform any anger that can over charge the energy field and blow it out.
  •  At the heart of every chronic illness is a negative belief and a false self waiting for transformation.  Explore with you client what is the new, truer and more aligned sense of self they can embody to promote healing.

In addition, help your client explore what negative belief may be feeding the illness energetically. Some common negative beliefs that people hold who have a chronic condition are outlined below.
– I am not enough
– You need to save me (sometimes held deeply subconsciously)
– If I am big and strong, I will be attacked
– It is not safe to exist
Over the years, I have found that as individuals transform these negative beliefs in their mind, cells of the body, nervous system and energy system – the chronic condition transforms and goes away too.

I wish you blessings and love on your journey to awaken deeper to your spiritual wholeness, . Feel free to visit my web site for more free and low-cost transformation support!

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