Enlightened Observer – poem

My Beloved Yoga teacher, Anne-Alex read this beautiful quote in class this week.  It reminded me of the Enlightened Observer.  

Untitled Poem by Donna Faulds

And a voice spoke in the twilight:
"For I will carry you across the wide river of life, and see you safely to the other side.  Be unafraid and joyous.  On this shared journey, you will see miracles.  You will know sadness.  The heart of your heart will be glad.  And at times you will suffer, but there won’t be a single moment when you’ll stray from the path.  If you could only believe that right now, this moment is part of the journey, perhaps you’d see the futility of worry or despair.  I will carry you no matter if you find the way easy and safe or rife with danger and impossibility.  I will keep you in the presence of God and in the light of truth.  This is my covenant with you.  I speak soul to soul and I say only what is true."
With that, the night went back to stillness.
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