Can Manifestation Be A Tool for Spiritual Awakening?

Many manifestation techniques simply focus on asking you to feel the depth of emotion around what you want to create. Yet, that is only one small aspect of what it takes to manifest what you want in your life.


The old saying, wherever you go, there you are – holds true in your manifestation principles. (Video)


In other words, your sense of self, must vibrate at the consciousness level of the manifestation, or it can fail to show up.


That is why those who are delusional narcissist are good at manifesting money and material things…they deny and suppress anything that could get in the way.


Now I don’t recommend that technique for manifesting. Instead I suggest you use manifestation as an awakening tool to embody your spiritual wholeness.


You see this amazing life we live in, is designed for us to create our highest good, by embodying, incarnating our wholeness into this beloved human body. (Read More to create the life you really want and not the one your stuck with!)


So right now, think about what you want to manifest. Then find the part of your sense of self that doesn’t believe you are worth it. Or maybe it is a part of you that can be defensive and reactive in negative patterns that get in the way of your manifesting. For instance, I am great at manifesting horses. I align to receive a great horse and it comes.


Yet I am not great at marketing. It is simply not how my brain works. So over the years, I have had to develop skills and a sense of self that can bust through the blocks that prevent me from expanding my work nationally.


So what are your internal blocks that prevent your manifestation from happening? So today, follow the steps below to assist you to transform pain to power!


TIP 1: Begin by seeing manifestation as less about getting something you want, and more about becoming someone you love!



TIP 2: Hunt for the block in your way! (In all three of your mind, body and energy systems.)


Denying the parts of you that are still lost in the illusions (Maya) of this world hurts manifestation. You must be willing to self-examine from a place of love and kindness, not ego-based judgment. By this I mean, don’t deny it, yet don’t over-identify the block as something that defines your inner value.


TIP 3: Identify the part of your Core Being or spiritual wholeness, you need to (1) name and then (2) embody deeply – in order for you to manifest what you want. Then pause, throughout your day, and surrender to receive that wholeness in your mind as a thought, in your body as a sensation and in your energy system as both an emotion and sensation.


If you don’t know where you are goings – how are you going to get there? In the same vein, in is vital you develop the skills to reclaim the light that was lost, so you have the inner wisdom and power to create your best life.


Soon I will be offering an online self-mastery training that can help you discover even more of your spiritual wholeness. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me or one of staff for a private session.


Sending you love and blessings along the way,




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