How Happiness Can Be Real!

Being with Truth Can Feel Difficult!

Yet, as you learn the steps and skills to transform sadness to joy, your life opens to endless possibilities!


This week, a client asked me an amazing question. She asked, “Is joy real? Aren’t people that walk around joyful all day faking it?” How can bliss possibly be truth? I just love that question! It goes right to the heart of the matter that is held closely in so many of our minds. So may ask: “Is it possible to find true happiness or is happiness an illusion too?”


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And, to answer this question, let me start at the beginning. Ok, maybe not the very beginning of where reality was formed…But at the beginning point where we formed our reality. Ok, maybe that is too deep. Let me back up a few steps. What if I start at the concept that happiness is an energetic frequency. It is a blissful high frequency and I have found that bliss and joy, IS the frequency of truth.


So what do I mean by that? Well, so many of us believe that everyone has a true self that is whole. And, as you learn the skill of connecting to your true self (I call it our Core Being), you feel limitless joy and bliss.


And, energetically, this bliss and joy holds high vibrational frequencies. I call it HVC (high vibrational consciousness). And, as you will see in the video below, HVC can transform the lower vibrations of sadness, insecurity, loss and emotional pain.


The steps and skills to tranform LVC to HVC are simple. Yet they do take time to master. This is because, our brain wiring and our attachment system too often chooses to focus on the pain. This is because part of the brain’s wiring doesn’t want to believe that joy is the truth. Rick Hansen, famous author of Hardwiring Happiness, calls this the negativity bias of the brain.


Yet, as you learn how to transform the lower vibrational frequencies to the higher vibrational frequencies, you start having more choice to live from joy instead of emotional pain. If you chose to believe emotional pain, loss, insecurity, anxiety… is the frequency of truth, then that is ok, you have the freedom to choose that. Yet, by believing the emotional pain is the truth of who you are, it makes it impossible transform sadness to joy.


Yet as Dr. Phil might say, “How does that serve you?” And, again, just so you know, from an energetic perspective, I haven’t found sadness to be the deeper truth. Emotional pain is simply a messenger. And, energetically, it is a portal that you can learn to feel in a manner that it transforms, so you once again return to the bliss of your Core Being.


What I have found to be true is explained in the following video. It explains how we live in a quantum reality. Where there are higher and lower frequencies. For instance, emotional pain – I call Low Vibrational Consciousness (LVC): depression, insecurity, hopelessness, loneliness. In essence the lower vibrations of pain do not hold the truth when met by the higher vibrations of the real truth! There is a deeper truth – the High Vibration Consciousness (HVC) such as joy, peace, bliss, wholeness, wisdom, clarity, and joy is the truth I personally chose to embody.

And, energetically speaking – if HVC connects into LVC – well the outcome is HVC because it melts away and transforms the false reality of LVC.


In summary: As you learn how to transform sadness to joy, emotional pain to the bliss of who  you really are, you can live in joy.  This also means that you can self-regulate from your wounded or false self, rewire the negativity bias of the brain, and awaken deeper into the truth of who you are!   Join me for a free webinar at this link – click here.  And I would love to support you at our weekend events!  I invite you to travel to our amazing healing center in the foothills of Boulder, CO, Click Here!


Reach out to me and let me know if you have questions and if this posting was helpful. Sending love and blessings your way,

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