When you are ready to accept the reality of the Grief, Loss, and/or Trauma, follow the next steps.  This process is more circular than linear meaning there is no hard stop end to it. It is more about moving through the layers of the onion, one bit at a time.

1. Name what has happened

    . Simply open to begin the process of grasping the enormity of the event in the mind.

2. Notice where in the body you might be holding that reality

    .  If you can’t notice where in the body it is held, then imagine where it might be held.

    3. Then, allow yourself to feel the Feelings of Grief, Loss, and/or Trauma as Sensations in the Body — Let them Move Through You But Don’t Identify with them.

      See, visualize and sense them as energy that you must move through verses be stuck in.

        As you move through those feelings and images of loss, grief and/or trauma you then move toward the next step of recovery.
        Remember to separate what you are experiencing from the deeper reality of who you are.  In other words, don’t Be the grief, loss or trauma you are experiencing.

        Remember you are much more than the energy, feelings or sensations moving through you!

        If your hands, legs or any part of the body wants to move – allow it.  Let the energy wave through you, mobilize and find completion.

          4. Consider What Could Manifest in place of the Gap of the Grief, Loss and/or Trauma.

            If a part of your psyche, body physiology, thought process is attached to or saturated with the energy of grief, loss or trauma – imagine what could possibly take the place of the negative energy.  What positive and healthy future could manifest?  Imagine how it might feel in your body, mind and soul.

          Imagine how your body might move and your thoughts and energy reorganize.

            5. Reinvest in Life

              – Readjust to the Environment without the Grief, Loss, and/or Trauma.  Find yourself again and be the new you in the world.  Emerge from the Cocoon!  Completion of the metaphorical death – rebirth process and discover who you are now.


            6. Anchor Into Your Core Being, not your ego-based false self

              – The old patterns and ways of thinking and acting may return, just don’t attach to them.  Instead, anchor into your true self.  It is the dimension deeper than the false self.  It is the dimension of your deeper god-self that was never traumatized or hurt.

            Imagine, feel, sense your Core Being strengthen and the old melt away.  From the place of Core Being you can feel your imperfections and defenses, you just don’t attach to them and think they are the truth of who you are.

            Eventually you will be able to more often return to Core Being and take action and be in relationship from this place.

            My definition of enlightenment is:
            (1) knowing, feeling and anchoring into this deeper true self within us and
            (2) when we get triggered out of this place, being able to return quicker and quicker (even if it takes a few days) back to our CoreBeing.

            Core Being is a deeper dimension from the false self that gets programmed within us.  It is our unique and whole true essence that is expressed even before conception and birth.

            Grief, Loss and/or Trauma changes us.  As we emerge from them, we are forever different.  From difficulty the riches can be found.  Find the gift in every moment.  Find your internal riches of the deeper truth of who you are.  Emerge!

            Feel free to reprint as long as credit is given to: Carolyn Eberle, MA, LPC; Founder, 720/530-7621