trauma dos and donts


Patience – going slow

Catharsis in not Healing- simply because you feel an emotion does not necessarily heal the emotion.

You must have a sense of your deeper true self and look at the trauma and the emotional pain as energy moving through you and not the truth of you.

Don’t Over Identify with the Trauma. Be the Light you are and anchor into your true self.

If you connect to trauma with dense consciousness/energy – you get more trauma.

Access – don’t charge trauma.  Bring in higher vibrational energy, positive belief systems, and good sensations in the body.

You must have an empowered witness or observer in order to re-pattern verses re-experience trauma.

Strongly Positively Resource a Client or Yourself Before going into Trauma

You heal trauma by brining in the positive belief system and true sense of self.

If you don’t feel positive sensations in the body afterward, chances are you have re-traumatized and/or disassociated

Deep trauma work necessitates the ability to hold two places at one time.  One place in the trauma and one place connected to your core, divine truth.

Replaying trauma tends to rewound and re-traumatize so if you replay it, make sure there is a positive shift toward re-scripting the past.  Let your mind, energy, body (ME-B) systems find a positive outcome and let your body move in a manner that mirrors that positive outcome.

If you or your client thinks they are the pain, then they create a deeper grove in the unhealthy “train track” instead of creating a bridge to a healthy “train track” — subsequent healing becomes more difficult because the body is programmed to respond in a misaligned manner to the external world- Hyper or Hypo sensitivity.  Lower brain functions take over and cognitive choice is removed.

Trauma is in the ME-B systems – the physiology of the body, brain chemistry, nervous and energy must re-patterned for optimum healing to take place.  Learn how to do this in all ME-B systems.

Less is usually more – because trauma happens in accelerated time, you must let each part integrate before you do more.  I call it accessing the trauma, NOT charging it.  This way you can reprogram the ME-B system.

If you reprint, please give credit to Carolyn Eberle, MA, LPC, Mind Energy Body Institute;; 720/530-7621.

trauma dos and don’ts